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Oklahoma vs. Kansas | Film Study | 2nd Half

Dissecting the Sooners blowout victory over the Kansas Jayhawks.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Oklahoma opens up the second half with a somewhat comfortable 38-0 lead over Kansas. Going to pay close attention to some of the backup players who get in later in the game and see how they fare. Here we go.

* Can we start every second half this way? What a return by Roy Finch. There is just no wasted effort. He waits for a hole to open on his right, puts his foot in the ground, and he's gone. Watching it I'm not ever sure he even really reached his top speed and yet he's still pulling away from guys. Really happy for him seeing as how, unless I'm mistaken, this is one of his only two touches in the entire game. Can't say he failed to make them count, I guess. 45-0 OU

* It may have taken the better part of four years, but Jamarkus McFarland is playing like the guy OU fans have always wanted him to be. Given his position, it may not always show up in the box score but he continues to make a significant impact.

* Jones was just throwing darts in this game. I know it's Kansas, but he was on his game Saturday night.

* Let me just take a moment to say how wrong I was on Justin Brown. Not that I thought it was a bad thing him transferring to OU or that I thought he wasn't talented, but I never could have imagined him making this kind of an impact. Trust me, I'm happy to be wrong and not just for my own selfish reasons. You see him come to the sidelines after making plays and how the team embraces him and it makes me proud to be an OU fan. Which is cheezy, I can appreciate that, but it's the truth.

* 3rd Q, 10:04 - 1st & 10 OU from the KU 25. Redemption time for Trey Millard. He lines up just to the left of Jones, who was in the pistol, and takes off up the seam completely untouched. Hard to believe after the game he had last week, but KU totally ignores him here. Jones hits him in stride and Millard doesn't drop this one, walks into the end zone. 52-0 OU

* Man, I didn't remember that horrible half-back pass attempt. What on earth was Weis thinking there? It's third and one, they'd been converting those basically all night on the ground. Horrible play call.

* Is it wrong that I thought the penalty on OU for having two #14's on the field at the same time was funny?

* Jalen Saunders' punt return was called back because of a block in the back, but that didn't make it any less impressive. It's just a matter of time before this guy makes a huge play in this offense.

* 3rd Q, 0:40 - 1st & 10 KU from their own 24. Really nice play here from Rashod Favors. He has contain on the left side of the OU line as Cummings rolls out with both the run/pass option. The coverage behind him is perfect, which certainly plays a role here, but that's not meant to take away from his play. He quickly closes the gap between himself and Cummings forcing the KU quarterback to swallow it and take the loss. Favors has played really well at defensive end this year. He's not a guy, at his size, that you want in there every down, but in certain situations he can really capitalize on his speed off the edge.

* Cummings with the arm punt on 3rd & 18 with Javon Harris playing centerfield and hauling in his second interception of the game.

* Disappointing drop from Lacoltan Bester on what should have been an easy catch that would have extended the OU drive.

* Kass Everett sighting. Made a really nice play on the edge in run support tackling Sims for a loss. That's the Everett I saw on film from his JUCO days.

* Hard not to get excited about Eric Striker, he's making tackles all over the field. Admittedly, it's in mop up duty but still.

* 9:40 mark and our starting defensive line right now is: P.L. Lindley, Jordan Phillips, Torrea Peterson, and Rashod Favors. Freshman, freshman, sophomore, sophomore.

* This Cummings kid can really fling it.

* Oklahoma's twos aren't playing poorly on this KU scoring drive, but you'd like to see them stop the run when it's so obviously coming.

* Is it just me or does Blake Bell seemingly throw every pass as hard as he possibly can?

Welp, that's a wrap. Solid win, Sooners handled their business. Setting up what could potentially become the biggest game every on Owen Field.