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Kansas At #9 Oklahoma - Things I'm Looking For

The Sooners need to show that they're not looking past Kansas and towards Notre Dame

Oklahoma needs to continue running the football
Oklahoma needs to continue running the football
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Last week Oklahoma played in the Red River Rivalry against Texas. Next week the Notre Dame Fighting Irish come to Norman for what should be a Top 10 match-up. However, tonight its the 1-5 Kansas Jayhawks that will take the field against the Sooners. Clearly this is a trap game for OU and the Sooners must not fall into it, which highlights my list of things I'm looking for tonight.

I want to see the Sooners play clean and win big - False starts, misreads, blown coverages and poor tackling are all signs that you are looking ahead to your next opponent and not the one lined up across from you. The Sooners aren't in a position where winning ugly will suffice anymore. They are expected to dismantle the Jayhawks and that's what they have to do.

I want to see more rushing attempts than passing attempts - Last week Oklahoma played the worst rushing defense in the Big 12. This week they are going up against the second worst rushing defense in the conference and the game plan should be exactly the same. Use the running attack to ultimately set up the play-action pass. To do that you have to establish a successful ground game first.

I want to see Damien Williams get the bulk of the carries again - This should be a no-brainer. He's proven that he can carry the bulk of the load and he produces results.

I want to see the defensive ends keep containment - Dayne Crist is as close to being a statue in the pocket as they get. However, the ends can't get into the habit of crashing down because the Jayhawks will counter with Miichael Cummings and he can burn you if he gets to the outside.

I want to see the linebackers on James Sims - Sims is an underrated running back with good speed and power. Oklahoma's linebackers need to be able to contain him and keep him in check in order to shutdown the Kansas offense.

I want to see Oklahoma's special teams dominate - Special teams can change the momentum of a game quickly. The Sooners are better in that aspect of the game and need to show it today.

Those are a few of the things that I'm looking for. How about you?