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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread

The game of the week within the Big 12 is Kansas State at West Virginia and nationally you have to look at LSU/Texas A&M and South Carolina/Florida.

Ronald Martinez

The game thread for Oklahoma/Kansas will be up around 5:00 (CST) but there's plenty of conference and national action to discuss before then. Iowa State gets today's conference play rolling when they travel to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma State. In the other, "early game" Texas Tech travels to take on TCU, both schools pulled off upsets last weekend.

Big 12 Schedule

11:00 - Iowa State at Oklahoma State

2:30 - Texas Tech at TCU

6:00 - Kansas State at West Virginia

6:00 - Kansas at Oklahoma

7:00 - Baylor at Texas

From a national perspective, LSU at Texas A&M and South Carolina at Florida are all games that could help Oklahoma in the BCS standings. That's what we'll be keeping an eye on today, of course you can sound off about these games and any others that you'd to in the comments section below.

Enjoy your college football Saturday everyone!