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Coaches All Talk When It Comes To Damien Williams?

History may be repeating itself as Oklahoma fans have heard talk from the coaches about giving a player more opportunities. First was Trey Millard, now the lens is focused on Damien Williams.

Brett Deering - Getty Images

When it comes down to it, there is no doubt that Damien Williams has the potential to be the running back for the Oklahoma Sooners. The fans have acknowledged it and the coaches have given it some thought. Heading into the fourth game of the season, Oklahoma is still searching for it's identity on offense.

Bob Stoops said: "We've talked. We brought up that we wanted to get Damien more carries and more opportunities." - Tulsa World

The biggest draw back to comments like these remains the fact that it is nothing new. Trey Millard, a bruising runner and devastating blocker, has been touted as the most gifted player on the field time and time again. He is versatile enough to play multiple positions on the field which lends a hand to Oklahoma's uptempo pace. Comments leaning toward the idea of getting him more involved in the offense continuously poured out of the mouths of the coaching staff. This idea remains just that, an idea.

Fact is that Millard received a total of 37 touches on offense throughout the 2011 season. Through three games this season, he has a whopping 9 touches putting him at 3 touches a game on average. To multiply that by an anticipated 13 game season gives him 39 touches. So much for getting him more involved with the offense.

Now, enter Damien Williams. This is a kid who is averaging 9.9 yards per carry with 5 rushing touchdowns on limited carries. He does not cough the ball up and has a high ceiling that needs to be realized. Williams has the potential to be what Oklahoma has been looking for on offense and will begin to give them that identity they have been searching for.

On average, Williams is getting 10 carries a game. He has yet to start at the tailback position and could be given that chance this Saturday against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. In a small twist on Denny Green's famous line..."he is who we think he is" and now just needs to be given the opportunity to prove it.

At this point, I sure hope that the coaching staff is not repeating past mistakes by blowing smoke. Rather I hope their words carry some weight and they manifest themselves on the field. Saturday afternoon will be the tell all sign in which direction the team is moving with Williams and it better be forward!