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It's Prediction Time | Oklahoma vs. Kansas

Storylines? Who needs storylines when you're a five touchdown favorite?

Jamie Squire

Let's face it, there aren't really an abundance of intriguing storylines for this game on Saturday. It's homecoming (yippie!), it's a possible let down game according to almost everyone, OU is a five touchdown favorite. Not the most compelling of games.

I've said many times, after Texas Tech last year, I'll never take another home game for granted again. And I'm not. But seriously, OU is winning this game. It may or may not be a pretty as we all want/expect it to be, but they're beating Kansas.

So some of these are going to be serious and some are going to be more of the 'just for fun' variety. You know, kind of like how KU runs their football program. Aw, come now, that was a cheap shot on my part. Not proud of that, but we'll soldier on. As always, this about hearing from you so give us your predictions in the comment section.

1) T/F - Damien Williams will top the 100 yard mark.

2) O/U - Five touches for Roy Finch.

3) The student section will clear out by ________ point in the game (assumption clearly must be made here that they even show up in the first place).

4) O/U - 0.5 receptions by an OU tight end.

5) O/U - 7.5 pass attempts for Blake Bell.

6) The Oklahoma defense will have _____ sacks in the game.

7) T/F - Justin Brown will return a punt for a touchdown.

8) O/U - 3Q, 5:00 remaining mark before Stoops puts in the backups.

9) O/U - 2.5 receptions for Jalen Saunders.

10) More annoying - Baby Jay or the obscenely obnoxious over-sized Jayhawk logo on their basketball court?

11) Give us your final score.

Bonus) Mark Mangino vs. Charlie Weis - Wet t-shirt contest, who ya got?