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Referee Delivers Second Most Devastating Hit On Trey Millard Play

One one of the game's most spectacular plays it was an official who delivered one of the most devastating blows.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Oklahoma fullback Trey Millard is a beast of a man who pretty much became a one-man Texas wrecking crew in the Cotton Bowl last Saturday. His 74-yard reception in the second quarter was one of the most fantastic plays of the game but almost as entertaining as his trucking his way through the Longhorn defense on the play was what happened on the sideline. Just in case you missed it, make sure to take your eyes off Millard and watch the sideline at the nine second mark of the above video.

That's Texas back-up quarterback Case McCoy getting trucked by a Big 12 official streaking down the sidelines, in what was the second most vicious hit on the play next to Millard's shedding of Adrian Phillips. Look at how far McCoy is out onto the white warning area of the field. Players and coaches are supposed to stay behind that huge white stripe to make room for the officials to move up and down the field but hey, they're Texas so they can do what they want, right?

Well, there was a price to be paid for this indiscretion and it was McCoy's pride.


Unfortunately for Millard he's looking the opposite direction at the Longhorns who were actually supposed to be on the field, and not the one who interfered on the sideline, so he misses out on the play's comic relief. On second thought perhaps its a good thing that he missed it because he might have gotten stumbled up laughing.


On a day in which Texas couldn't seem to do anything right, you can chalk up standing on the sidelines as a Longhorn fail as well.