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Red River Blowout | Film Study | 2nd Half

Second verse, same as the first.

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

Complete domination.

Sooners lead 36-2 to start the second half.


* Gotta love the bronx cheer from the Longhorn faithful as Texas gets a first down on just their second play of this half.

* 3rd Q, 13:17 - 3rd and 11 for UT from their own 36. This play is one of countless examples of just how well the OU defense played in this game. OU bring six guys on a blitz, Texas calls what you'd think was the perfect play - a screen - but somehow the Sooners have not one, but two guys all over the intended receiver. Very impressive.

* Landry's pick six. Hard to really tell if this is on one guy 100%. Landry appears to stare down his receiver the entire way and is under zero pressure, but there are two OU wide receivers way too close to one another. One of whom is Jalen Saunders, so there is a chance he ran the wrong route. I've seen some say Stills quit on the route and I can't say you're wrong, but his man was within less than a step of him so he's probably thinking Landry never makes that throw to begin with. Obviously, he was wrong. Wasn't so much a bad throws as it was just a terrible decision. 36-8 OU

* Dom Whaley didn't get a ton of carries in this game, but he definitely made the most of the ones he did. Looks really good, smooth, back to the old Dom.

* Damien Williams just makes it look so damn easy. It's almost not fair. Almost.

* 3rd Q, 9:06 - Down and distance aren't really relevant here, I just wanted to point this out for my own personal reasons. You all might not frequent Texas sites as much as I do, but the Texas fans have been pumping up this Dalton Santos kid like he's the second coming of The Boz. Well, he just got freaking trucked here by Williams on this play. He was squared up, met Williams in the hole, and got his arse planted. Welcome to big boy football, brotha!

* Jalen Saunders is for real, y'all.

* 3rd Q, 1:34 - 1st and 10 for OU from the UT 25. Texas' Demarco Cobbs (former No. 1 player in the state of Oklahoma) gets abused here. Great play fake from Landry and Cobbs bites on it hard. To be fair, all three UT linebackers bite but Cobbs completely loses his man (Millard) in the process. Landry could not have an easier pass to a WIDE open Millard streaking down the middle of the field. Millard doesn't even have to really make a strong move to embarrass Myke Thompson. 46-8 OU

* Remember the name Cayleb Jones. We'll see if he's the exception to the UT rule and actually develops as a receiver, but he has the look of someone who could be special.

* Man, I'm almost convinced that if Justin Brown doesn't cut this punt return back inside he takes it to the house. There is only one guy who looks to have an angle on him, but Lamar Harris is out in front of Brown and appeared to have that block. Would have been the whip cream on the sundae, but still it would have been nice.

* Another nice run from Whaley brings the third quarter to a close with Oklahoma leading 46-8.

* Woah, Whaley just juked Steve Edmond out of his jockstrap.

* I will say, on the play where David Ash hurt his wrist it did not appear to get bent in an odd way. Even when he came down, he didn't plant his hand in the ground which you'd assume one of those two things would have had to have happened if it really was broken.

* These Texas defenders want absolutely nothing to do with Millard. Myke Thompson comes up again in run support after a long Millard run and appears to be begging the OU fullback not to unload on him. It's just comical at this point.

* 4th Q, 6:50 - 3rd and goal for OU from the UT 14. This is just an absolutely beautiful throw (mainly) and catch. Jones is given a perfect pocket and throws a gorgeous fade pass to Justin Brown's back shoulder in the corner of the end zone. Brown easily beats Quandre Diggs for the touchdown reception, they picked on Diggs with Brown all day. 56-8 OU

* Just about every defensive backup in now for OU as Texas takes over on offense. Interesting though that Tom Wort is still out there.

* I'm sorry, but there is just no way I'm buying Charles Tapper is a true freshman. He looks like a 5th year NFL player and he just abused the Texas left tackle on a stutter-step move to the inside. If Case McCoy doesn't get rid of the ball a split second early, he may no longer be with us as Tapper wisely pulls up.

* Dang, really nice catch from M.J. McFarland going up and over the back of OU linebacker Aaron Franklin.

* I'm not sure if Jesse Paulsen was supposed to give help over the top here on a McCoy touchdown pass to Mike Davis, but Lamar Harris is beaten so badly off the line it might not have mattered. As it is, McCoy hits for a 44-yard touchdown pass. Credit him for hitting Davis in stride, but my word was that thing wobbling.

Following the play, losing 56-15, Marquise Goodwin draws an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Hook em!

* I know it's late and the game is well in hand, but Brennan Clay running strong. I like it.

* 4th Q, 3:16 - Again, game is over here but I can't help but point this out. For the second year in a row, an OU player refuses a hand up from Carrington Byndom. Last year it was Kenny Stills, this year it's Lacoltan Bester. And I don't care what anyone says, I freaking love this!!! They're your hated rival, hell yes you wave their hand off. Credit the Texas player for offering to be sure, but there's no rule that says you have to accept. You're forever awesome in my book, Lacoltan!

* Oooh, nice throw from Blake Bell to Bester for a first down on 3rd and 12.

* Hell of a run from Clay coming up just short of the goal line. Made a sick jump cut to take it back up inside, then turned on the jets. Really like that Heupel let him finish off the drive and didn't just call a Bell sneak. 63-15 OU

* There's a very good chance there are only two of you still reading this, so it probably won't reach the number of people I hope it would but I'm saying it anyway. Mack Brown calling a timeout with eight second to go in this game is one of the most chicken s*!# things I've ever seen in a football game.

They show Bob's reaction to it and it's absolutely priceless. When you own someone as much as Bob owns Mack, I guess you can't help but laugh at the pathetic old man. If it were me, I'd have met him at mid-field at called him a pu*** right to his face.

Hope that last cheap arse garbage touchdown saved you a little face, Mack. What a joke.

63-21 OU, Texas most definitely still sucks! We can only hope that beating doesn't send Mack to the retirement home.