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Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame Set For Primetime Showdown

The Golden Domers are coming to Norman for a showdown between two of the most historic programs in the country.

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

The Big 12 announced Monday morning that the Oklahoma game against Notre Dame on October 27th will kickoff at 7 pm (CST) and be aired on ABC.

It's not really surprising news given the historic nature of the matchup between the two storied programs and of course given the fact it's shaping up to be a showdown between two Top 10 teams.

Some are already speculating that this game could surpass the amazing night in 2008 when the Sooners sent Texas Tech packing. We'll have to wait and see on that, as well as whether or not ESPN Gameday shows up (very likely, in my opinion), but with Notre Dame in town we're guessing Bob Stoops won't have to remind OU fans next week that they need to be loud.