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OU Football 2012 - Sooners Wide Receiver, Jalen Saunders, Clearly To Play Immediately

Fresno State transfer and current Sooners wide receiver, Jalen Saunders, was cleared to play Wednesday.

Brett Deering - Getty Images

So, um, this was pretty much out of left field.

Bob Stoops announced following Wednesday night's practice that former Fresno State wide receiver, Jalen Saunders, has been cleared by the NCAA. Saunders was previously denied his waiver request to be able to play immediately after transferring from Fresno State this offseason.

Presumably, this decision Wednesday was his appeal and for whatever reason it was finally granted. Stoops was quoted as saying he expected Saunders to play Saturday against Texas though he wasn't sure to what extent.

It's not necessarily a real need given the talent OU currently has at wide receiver, but is it ever really a bad thing to have another quality option?

For those unfamiliar with Saunders, here are some highlights of his time with Fresno State. He is a very talented and very fast wide receiver.