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Latest BlogPoll Has #14 Oklahoma vs. #15 Texas This Saturday

The Sooners are just one spot ahead of arch-rival Texas as the two prepare to face each other in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I feel a little better about all of the change in my ballot after seeing this week's BlogPoll. There are only four teams in the same location as they were last week and while that is more than I had on my ballot (I only had two teams in the same spot) there were also a total of seven teams getting first place votes, which shows that the voters are still very much unsettled.

West Virginia is the highest ranked Big 12 school at number four, followed by Kansas State (#6), Oklahoma (#14), Texas (#15) and Iowa State making their debut in the poll at #25.

Here's this week's poll in comparison with how I voted.