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Week Five BlogPoll Ballot: The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

As contenders begin to be weeded out, Alabama remains the dominant team in college football.

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

There's a little more stability on my ballot this week but not a whole lot. Each week it becomes more and more clear that in the world of college football there's Alabama and then everyone else. My Top Seven pretty much remained unchanged with the exception being West Virginia swapping places with LSU. I know the Mountaineers struggled defensively but at this point, I'll take their offense over anyone in the nation.

My Top 10
Rank Team Comment
#1 Alabama Won 33-14 over Mississippi.
#2 Florida State Not real impressive in 30-17 win over South Florida.
#3 Oregon Beat Washington State 51-26
#4 West Virginia Outlasted Baylor 70-63 in the shootout of the decade.
#5 LSU Slides a spot after lethargic 38-22 win over Towson
#6 Georgia Won 51-44 over Tennessee in the second best shootout of the day.
#7 South Carolina Won 38-17 at Kentucky
#8 Notre Dame IDLE
#10 Kansas State IDLE

Teams That Fell

Team Number Of Spots
Stanford 8
Michigan St. 4
Baylor 1

Teams On The Rise

Team Number Of Spots
West Virginia 1
Notre Dame 1
Kansas St 1
Ohio State 1
Clemson 2
Texas 1
Oklahoma 1
Michigan 1
Louisville 1
Nebraska 1
Oregon State 2
Mississippi St 2