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Oklahoma basketball finds a way to embarrass themselves against a horrible OSU team

I say for now because Monday night was just a precursor to how bad it's going to get this season. All of the goodwill earned from the over achievement during the non-con portion of this schedule is dead. The Missouri game was miserable. The second half of the KU game was painful to watch. Monday night was flat out embarrassing.

Oklahoma State sucks. They are a horrible basketball team. Which begs the question, if those statements are true (and they are) what the heck does that make Oklahoma?!?

The final score of 72-65 is incredibly misleading. The Sooners were out of this game before halftime and things only got worse in the second half. Honestly, I'm at a loss for words with how to describe this basketball team right now. They are just terrible.

Carl Blair was the leading scorer with 20 points and no offense to the young man, but if there is ever a game where Carl Blair is our leading scorer we're losing that game 1000% of the time.

While suffering through this game, I'm pretty sure Romero Osby listened to our podcast from last night. He was much more aggressive on the offensive end (finally!), repeatedly taking the ball strong to the basket. His 1-5 free throw shooting didn't help very much, but he did finish with a double/double getting 18 points and 10 rebounds.

Steven Pledger was horrible (3-13 shooting), Cam Clark got in foul trouble but was ineffective (four points) yet again aside from a brief stretch, Sam Grooms continues to regress (two points on 1-7 shooting), and Tyler Neal provided absolutely nothing (zero points) off the bench.

Losing is one thing. We all knew the expectations were very low for this team despite getting our hopes up as they ran through a weak non-con schedule. But losing like this to a crappy OSU team is another thing entirely. I'm gonna stop there before I say something I might regret and just hope that Kruger can work some kind of miracle with this team because after what I saw tonight anything short of that and this team might be lucky to get three conference wins.