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Sooner Nation Replay: Return Of Mike Stoops Imminent

Football talk continues to dominate conversation as the coaching staff changes are estimated to be happening very soon. Willie Martinez has come up for several jobs coupled with the notion that he is being encouraged to pursue one of those avenues but will we be talking about Mike Stoops this time next week? The De'Vante Harris decommit seems to play into is as well. What are the pros and cons of reuniting the brothers on the Oklahoma sideline and why no special teams coach? It would appear that the current coaching staff sees no reward in the risk of have a big return man. Punt after punt has been fielded simply as a fair catch and Sooner fans have grown tired. Has this Oklahoma staff become lackadaisical in their approach to football as OU continues to bring in talent with no real hunger to prove themselves?

Finally we move over to basketball as conference play is in full swing. The Sooners are currently 0-2 against some of the tougher teams in the the Big XII and have a much easier matchup tonight against the Oklahoma St. Cowboys in the first installment of Bedlam.