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De'Vante Harris' Decommitment Proof That Coaching Change Is Imminent?

We're clearly not the first site to speculate on this and we obviously won't be the last but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what's going on here. There aren't very many pieces to this puzzle and putting them all together is as simple as 1...2...3 and De'Vante Harris was the corner piece.

Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables personally visited with Harris on Friday and then one of the top ranked corners of the 2012 recruiting class decommitted from the Sooners. What would make a longtime, once enthusiastic, recruit who used to have OU shaved into his head decommit? The lead recruiter on Harris was none other than defensive backs coach Willie Martinez. Raise your hand if you believe that that Venables confirmed to Harris on Friday that Martinez would not be on the staff next season.

Now the focus must turn to Brandon Beaver who is another highly ranked corner and close friend to Harris. Fortunately he's also closely connected tight end Taylor McNamara and receiver Derrick Woods who are both committed to Oklahoma. Beaver is visiting Oklahoma on January 20th. In what is just another piece of the puzzle, Venables is the lead recruiter on Beaver. Why wouldn't you have your defensive backs coach in on one of the top defensive backs in the nation? Come on! I bet you can figure that one out.