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OU defensive backs coach Willie Martinez to the Jayhawks?

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UPDATE #2: According to Murdock's sources, Martinez turned down KU. Kind of makes you think he believes he had a legit chance at a "better" job (i.e. Illinois).

UPDATE: The Big 10 Network is also reporting that Martinez to Illinois could happen FWIW.

I know there are a bunch of OU fans out there just waiting for some kind of shoe to drop that allows for Mike Stoops seemingly imminent return to Norman. Well this morning on the Sports Animal out of OKC, Carey Murdock of SoonerScoop may have hinted at the aforementioned 'shoe.'

He said that he wasn't quite ready to report the story, but that he had heard from a couple well placed sources, as he called them, that have told him that Sooners defensive backs coach (and scapegoat to many an OU fan IMO) Willie Martinez could be headed to Lawrence, KS to become the defensive coordinator for Charlie Weis.

If this proves to be true, it would be pretty much the perfect scenario for those clamoring for Mike Stoops to return. Aside from Bob's "never fired an asst. coach" streak staying intact, Mike Stoops was the secondary coach when he was previously on staff at Oklahoma. So Martinez's possible departure would allow the younger Stoops to return to his old spot (and presumably Co-DC with Venables) and not force the OU coaching staff to have to make any other real significant changes.

While I'm not as quick to throw Martinez under the bus as some, I think this could be a win-win type deal for everyone involved. Martinez has experience as a DC, gets to stay in a conference he's familiar with, gets a promotion, gets a chance to run his own defense, and OU fans get Mike Stoops back. Win-win.

We'll obviously just have to wait and see how this thing plays out, but I'd expect this is potentially good (great?) news for those OU fans out there eagerly anticipating Mike's return.