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You gotta love Vegas. 2013 National Championship odds released.

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Man, you just gotta love Las Vegas. The 2012 national champion hasn't even been crowned and the boys out west have already released their odds for next year's national championship. Here are some of the favorites as well as some of general interest courtesy of Caesar's Palace.

The Top 10, in order are:

LSU 3-1
USC 6-1
Alabama 7-1
Oregon 9-1
Arkansas 12-1
Georgia 15-1
Florida State 18-1
Oklahoma 18-1
Virginia Tech 18-1
Michigan 18-1

Some others that might be of interest:

Kansas State 25-1
Texas 30-1
Nebraska 30-1
Oklahoma State 40-1
West Virginia 50-1
TCU 50-1
Iowa State 150-1
Field 50-1