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Sooner Nation Replay: "Insight" From The Insight Bowl & Recap, Tony Jefferson, Basketball Trouncing

There was much to discuss as the rumor mill continues to spin with no actions coming from it as of yet. However, we first look back at the Insight Bowl. At a first glance fans may have been disappointed but now that we have all had some time to reflect on the game, what was the final thoughts and who are the players of the game? During the bowl game we say Oklahoma do something they haven't done in a long the ball more times than they passed it. This is something that fans have been calling for, for some time now. Does it give us a glimpse of what the offense will look like next year and will Roy Finch, Trey Millard, Dominique Whaley, or Brennan Clay be the go-to guy. Outside of that there are speculated coaching changes waiting to take place. How much can be read into them? Tony Jefferson is a very talented player who loves to make a big hit. Will taking him away from the line of scrimmage and putting him in as a safety benefit this team?

Last but not least, we are in full swing of conference play and Oklahoma drew the short end of the stick. Missouri torched the Sooners in every aspect of the game but is this what we can expect for the rest of the season? We'll soon see as there is another giant right in front of us in Kansas.