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Predicting out OU men's basketball remaining schedule and postseason hopes

Oklahoma men's basketball currently sits at 13-7 overall and 3-5 in conference play. With an eye on exceeding everyone's expectations, aside from their own of course, we thought now would be as good a time as any to take a look at the Sooners remaining schedule. Nothing real scientific here, just a simple practice of predicting the possible wins and losses to see where OU might stand at the end of the regular season.

2/1 @ Kansas - As much as I want to say OU could catch KU sleeping, I just don't see it happening. I have to put this one down as a loss. Predicted record: 13-8, 3-6

2/4 vs. Iowa State - This one won't be easy, ISU is no joke when they're on. The Mayor will bring a talented squad to Norman, but I think OU can pull out a close one here. Predicted record: 14-8, 4-6

2/6 vs. Missouri - OU will have plenty of motivation in this game after getting absolutely embarrassed in Columbia. I think OU keeps it much closer than the first match up, but still can't beat the Tigers. Predicted record: 14-9, 4-7

2/11 @ Texas Tech - Absolute must win game. I could see this one being much more difficult than it should be, but I'm still gonna say OU gets the sweep on Tech. Predicted record: 15-9, 5-7

2/14 vs. Texas - Texas is really talented, but they're also really young and inconsistent. At home, I think OU gets them. Predicted record: 16-9, 6-7

2/18 @ Iowa State - KU won't be the only team to travel to Ames and struggle, I've got OU losing this one but this is one of those games they're expected to lose that they could steal. Predicted record: 16-10, 6-8

2/22 vs. Okie State - Again, another game OU should have no trouble getting up for after losing in Stoolwater. OU finally puts a W on the board in the Bedlam series this year. Predicted record: 17-10, 7-8

2/25 @ Baylor - Unless Perry Jones is ruled ineligible again this year, I just think Baylor is too talented. Sooners lose on the road again. Predicted record: 17-11, 7-9

2/29 @ Texas - OU splits the series with the Horns as each team wins on their home court. Predicted record: 17-12, 7-10

3/3 vs. Texas A&M - In the regular season finale, I think OU closes things out with a victory. Predicted record: 18-12, 8-10

At 18-12 and a 8-10 conference record, call me crazy but I think that's enough to get them into a postseason tournament. It won't be one that, in a normal year, we should necessarily be proud of but given where the expectations were before this season started it would be a significant accomplishment. Not to mention a massive building block for Kruger and his ability to sell this program to prospective recruits.

Outside of the Mizzou game because I just think they're too good for this OU team, I think it's fair to say every home game is pretty much a must win if they want to make the postseason. They also can't lose on the road at Tech. It sounds odd, but if the schedule plays out as we have it above I think that one game would determine whether or not they make a postseason tournament. That would be a horrible loss and possibly Tech's only conference win and that's not a distinction you want to have on your resume. Winning one of the road games they're not technically expected to would also help, a lot.

We'll see how things play out, but what we saw out of this team on the road against K-State would lead you to believe they could get a surprise win or two they're not expected to get. Win the ones they're supposed to and steal one or two, this team could definitely see the postseason.