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Sooners get 2012 verbal commitment #21 with TE Sam Grant

Well, it wasn't signing day but it was still a welcome surprise. TE Sam Grant, out of Ohio, shocked several people today when he announced that he would be signing with the Oklahoma Sooners on Wednesday and not the believed favorite Michigan Wolverines.

Grant is known more for his blocking skills, which is somewhat rare for a high school tight end, and also must mean it's just a matter of time until Oklahoma turns him into an offensive lineman (inside joke). He displays the ability to use his 6'6" frame to shield off defenders and make catches over the middle of the field. He isn't an elite athlete, so he's not going to make guys miss in the open field after the catch but he'll fight for those extra yards.

Grant is now the fourth tight end in the Sooners' 2012 class, which might sound like a shocking number until you consider that Oklahoma had zero returning scholarship players at the position.

Welcome to Sooner Nation Sam!