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Sooner Nation Replay: Mixed Response To Tim Kish Hiring

For the third week in a row, we are talking about a coaching change. This time it comes in the form of another hiring. With Brent Venables gone and Mike Stoops on staff, Tim Kish was brought in to fill the linebackers coach void. Not everyone was excited about this hire and was looking for a "homerun." However, those are few and far between. We give our responses to the big news.

Basketball gets a huge and much needed win in Manhattan. Given the current stretch they are one, the team will likely need to pick up one if not two wins in the next three games to keep their Big Dance hopes alive. How big of a win was this and will OU be able to match Iowa St.?

JTE gives us a great run down of the current recruiting scene. There have been a few recent commits with signing day literally just a few days in front of us. On top of that Junior Day is coming up as well and OU will have their hands full with recruiting news for the next several weeks to come. One major issue remains...where will DGB land? Much speculation is that he will sign with Arkansas but Missouri thinks they still have a shot and had a "welcoming party" for his visit. Did they hurt themselves or make a final push to get a signature on the dotted line?