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OU basketball runs into a buzzsaw, gets destroyed @ Mizzou 87-49

This will be quick.

Oklahoma went on the road to open their Big 12 slate against arguably the Big 12's best team in Missouri and boy oh boy did they ever look the part. The Tigers shot a ridiculous 59% from the field and 57% from three point range in their complete and utter destruction of the Sooners Tuesday night. Missouri dominated OU in every facet of the game with the obvious final score margin, out rebounding an OU team who have excelled on the boards by 18, as well as finishing with more assists and blocks.

Not sure how much of a take away there is from this game other than Mizzou is really freaking good and OU (I pray) isn't nearly as bad as Missouri made them look. As OUJJ said in the game thread, it was a road game against a really good team who happened to shoot the lights out (in both halves). As an OU fan, I sincerely hope that's what it was and not a precursor to OU's conference schedule.

I do have one gripe I have to get off my chest before we wrap this up though. I have no freaking idea what Coach Kruger was trying to accomplish by having guys like Romero Osby, Tyler Neal, and C. J. Washington guard the Mizzou point guards, but if the goal was to allow the Tigers to drive right by the bigger, slower players for uncontested layups it was a monumental success. Can't say I like the strategy for actually winning games, but then again I'm just a fan. So, you know, whatever.

Things don't get any easier for the Sooners as they'll return home to face Kansas this Saturday at 1pm (central). The game will be broadcast on ESPiNU.