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Bobby Jack Wright to Washington State = Mike Stoops return to OU?

UPDATE: Well that got debunked pretty quickly.

Apparently, word up in the Pacific Northwest (here, here, and here) is that current OU defensive ends coach (fyi because I was unaware of his additional titles, he's also asst. head coach & asst. defensive coordinator evidently) Bobby Jack Wright is the name being passed around to fill the vacant WSU defensive coordinator job.

While it's obviously not the "Merv Johnson is retiring and BJW is moving up to his spot" rumor that most OU fans have probably heard about, it appears to be in line with what we (and by we I mean Matt and Richard because I didn't believe Stoops would make any changes) have heard here at CCM.

If true, it would be a big loss for this Oklahoma coaching staff. Wright has long time recruiting ties to the state of Texas and was responsible this year for one of the highest performing individual units on the entire team. He's been in some role at OU since 1999, so he obviously has a long history with the program.

It will be interesting to see if this comes to fruition as it would be one of the obvious necessary steps to get the long rumored return of Mike Stoops to the Oklahoma staff.

We'll keep you posted.