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Five star wide receiver Trey Metoyer is finally a Sooner


[UPDATE]: FWIW, a source we would never question, Jake Trotter, is also confirming the news.

Or at least according to his father via David Smoak. For those not familiar, Smoak is a very well known name in TX high school recruiting, so this is definitely a legit source and not just some random tweet.

So it would seem his long and drawn out journey to Oklahoma has finally reached an exciting resolution. It's easy to forget because it's been basically a year since he was originally supposed to be a Sooner, but make no mistake this is not a minor development. It's been expected for awhile, but with the NCAA Clearinghouse you just never know.

Every one is drooling over the prospect of what Dorial Green-Beckham could do for one lucky program, well Metoyer is pretty darn close to that same level of potential impact. Maybe someone can come up with a better comparison, but for me Metoyer reminds me a lot of Malcolm Kelly. Ridiculous hands, he'll catch everything that is even remotely close to him, and while not a burner has the ability to get behind the defense if they don't respect his speed or cheat up against the run.

It's been a looooooooooooooooong time coming, so here is the official . . .

Welcome to Sooner Nation Trey!