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Brandon Beaver To Make Final Official Visit To Cal Not Oklahoma

It was originally believed that the Sooners had a good chance at inking a defensive back recruit in Brandon Beaver through some unusual circumstances and connections. Beaver was slotted to make an official visit on January 20th. However, due to what is believed to be negligence on the part of Oklahoma, Beaver was never given a plane ticket to get to Norman in order to complete his scheduled visit. Some believe this to be speculation but the fact of the matter remains that he never made it on campus.

While this was not considered a big deal at the time, Beaver had intended to reschedule a mid-week visit. Given some time to think about the situation, he is now taking his final official visit to California. The Sooners have pretty much been ruled out at this point of the recruiting process and signing day is just around the corner.

Beaver will be making his final official visit with the California Golden Bears this weekend.

I can't say that I blame the kid for making this decision. If I was in his shoes and a school "forgot" about me, then I would absolutely look at the other options on the table. Every move has an impact, either positive or negative and this was certainly not favorable in the eyes of Beaver.