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Bob Stoops makes the predictable and disappointing decision to hire Tim Kish

UPDATE: OU makes it official.

Carey Murdock, of SoonerScoop, is reporting ($) that his sources have confirmed to him that Tim Kish will be the hire to replace Brent Venables as linebackers coach. According to Murdock, Kish is in the transition process of taking over his new responsibilities and settling into his soon to be new job. Kish, who Matt introduced you to last week, is familiar with what the Stoops brothers want to do on defense having recently with Mike Stoops at Arizona.

Despite interviewing Tyrone Nix this past weekend and the talk about him being an "up-and-comer" in coaching circles, Bob Stoops is dipping back into the "friend" bucket. It must be pretty damn sweet to be a friend/acquaintance of Bob Stoops huh? You know you're guaranteed a job with a six figure salary and that you'll never be unemployed for very long.

You can try and tell me all about how much this makes sense because of his history with Mike Stoops or how Kish won some kind of faux recruiting award 5-6 years ago or how the fact that the guy is pushing 60 won't prevent him from relating to 18-year olds. And I'll sit there and politely nod my head, knowing all along that with this reported hire all Bob Stoops has proven is that it's business as usual in the offices the Switzer Center.

I'll be ecstatic and order up an extra helping of crow if this proves to be a successful decision, but I just don't see it happening. I don't believe it will be a monumental failure or anything, but more along the lines of something that barely even registers. Which, for what we needed and where this program is currently at, is a total failure in my opinion. Bob had an opportunity to inject some excitement into this program, maybe by bringing in a younger up-and-coming assistant, someone who was young and hungry, looking to make a name for himself. Instead, we get this.

Maybe you all disagree with me and if so I welcome your opinion in the comments. I'm definitely not above being convinced that I'm wrong. Admittedly, it won't be an easy argument for you to win right now as you can probably tell I'm immensely disappointed with this decision but it's always fun to debate.

So there you have it people, what say you?

(Here is a link to Kish's bio if you want to read up on the guy).