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Dorial Green-Beckham hosting Oklahoma coaches Monday night for in-home visit

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UPDATE: I'll leave it up to you to interpret however you'd like, but OU did have to adjust their original flight plan to leave 90 minutes later than originally planned.

Our good friend Josh McCuistion over at SoonerScoop has been able to confirm that the nations top 2012 recruit (per Rivals) will be hosting ($) Bob Stoops and company Monday night for an in-home visit. With National Signing Day just over one week away, it will be the OU coaches last chance to visit with DGB and his family before the incredibly talented wide receiver makes his decision on February 1st.

Now I'm not going to burn our friend Josh and give away the invaluable info he normally charges for because he's been too good to CCM. The guys at SoonerScoop are, in my opinion, the best in the business and if you have the means I'd highly suggest you checking them out (end of shameless plug). But I can say without burning that bridge (at least I hope) that from what he's hearing, things may not be as bad with respect to OU's chances as we've been previously lead to believe.

The speculation, especially after his trip to Fayetteville this past weekend, is that Arkansas is the likely leader in the clubhouse at the moment. However, there have always been some whispers that DGB's family might not quite be on board 100% with that decision and while it admittedly may be over analyzing things, his family did not make the trip with him this past weekend.

Also from Josh, he has heard that if the OU coaches believed they were truly out of things they would back off and move on out of respect to the family. So with an in-home visit planned for Monday night, that doesn't exactly give the impression that the OU coaches think they're out of this thing. Expect Bob Stoops and Jay Norvell to take full advantage of the audience they'll have Monday night to give their best and final pitch, put all the cards on the table, and sell DGB and his family as to why Oklahoma would be the best fit for him.

It's important to keep this possible positive turn of events in OU's favor in perspective. OU is still probably trailing Arkansas and likely Missouri, but put Bob Stoops and Jay Norvell in that living room and yeah I'm biased, but I'll take my chances.

Nine more days and the saga will FINALLY be over. Nine more days (sigh).