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Sooner Nation Replay: What Brent Venables Departure Means & Who Will Replace Him?

Brent Venables departure leaves more questions than it does answers at this time. Recruits will run into National Signing Day as it is just around the corner. Have Sooner recruits been affected or swayed by the recent coaching changes? Oklahoma fans should be used to the whirlwind that football has been this season and the dust is just now beginning to settle. Which part of Venables will be missed the most; his coaching or his recruiting? What does him leaving mean for players like Tom Wort and Corey Nelson in terms of their progression? The biggest topic of discussion is the potential candidates of who will replace Venables on this staff. We throw out a few names and debate the pros and cons of each then list our top three in order. Finally we get to basket and the disappointment that the Texas A&M game was and what it means for the rest of the season.