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Tyrone Nix in Norman to interview for opening on Oklahoma coaching staff

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The guys over at SoonerScoop ($) have been able to confirm that former Ole Miss defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix was in Norman Saturday, presumably to interview for the opening on the OU staff created by Brent Venables departure.

Nix was previously served under Stoops' former boss, Steve Spurrier, at South Carolina first as the Co-DC and LB coach before being promoted in 2006 to defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. He left South Carolina for Ole Miss after the 2007 season.

As we've discussed here, attempting to replace Venables not only as a position coach but an outstanding recruiter has to be a primary focus with this coaching hire. Naturally, the fine fellows at SoonerScoop asked their source how Nix was regarded as a recruiter.

"He's known as a good recruiter, not a great one," said our source. "But he's going to be a much better recruiter at Oklahoma than he was at Ole Miss. Ole Miss is a hard job. Oklahoma is not a hard job. You can sell kids on Oklahoma a hell of a lot easier than you can sell kids on Mississippi.

"He's got a lot of Georgia connections and I wouldn't be shocked if he got them involved in Mississippi. But Mississippi's crazy and then these kids want to play in the SEC."

Nix, along with Tim Kish and his connection to Mike Stoops, are the only two names that have really been mentioned thus far in terms of serious consideration. You'd have to think Bob wouldn't waste his or Nix's time bringing him to Norman if he wasn't being seriously considered, but there has been no indication that Nix is a "finalist" for the opening.