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Monday Bowl Thread - Wall To Wall Football

Today is the most football packed day of the entire bowl season with a total of six games on tap. The Oklahoma State Cowboys will top off the day of wall-to-wall football with the Fiesta Bowl on the heels of the Rose Bowl. The way those two games are set up it could be the most intense six hours of football you've watched all season...not counting the Baylor/Washington Alamo Bowl. Its safe to say that pick'em contest dreams will be both dashed and brightened by today's games.

Ticket City Bowl
Score Prediction

Penn State 31
Houston 27
Gator Bowl
Score Prediction

Florida 30
Ohio State 9
Capital One Bowl
Score Prediction

Nebraska 35
South Carolina 16

Outback Bowl

Score Prediction

Michigan State 55

Georgia 49

Rose Bowl

Score Prediction

Wisconsin 31

Oregon 28

Fiesta Bowl

Score Prediction

OSU 38

Stanford 31