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Is Oklahoma falling out of the race for Dorial Green-Beckham?

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It happened with Reuben Randle. It happened with Julio Jones. And now sadly, it looks like it could be happening yet again to Oklahoma fans with another national #1 wide receiver recruit. Is Oklahoma destined to be the bridesmaid yet again and not the bride???

The Rivals site for Missouri, Power Mizzou ($), confirmed today through his father that uber recruit Dorial Green-Beckham will in fact take an official visit to Arkansas this weekend after it had been previously reported that due to a schedule conflict he would not be able to make the trip. Power Mizzou was also able to confirm the tentative plans of DGB and family to make an official visit to Missouri the following weekend which also happens to be the last weekend available for recruits to visit campus prior to National Signing Day.

It doesn't take a genius to know these two official visits and the fact that DGB had cancelled trips to Norman on two previous occasions that things, at least for the moment, do not look good for the Sooners chances. At this point, it would be premature to say OU is "out of it" but it certainly does not bode well for Oklahoma. The fading glimmer of hope for OU fans is that DGB has a longstanding and solid relationship with Jay Norvell and that he's been to Norman a reported seven separate times, but to make an official visit (or at this point plans to do so) to four of your 'Final Five' you'd have to think that fifth school (which is obviously OU right now) was bringing up the rear.

Sucky news I know you all did not want to hear, but we've got to bring you the good and the bad. If I can offer you any advice, just try and remember the WR class OU already has committed. I'm sure it's of little comfort after reading this, but we've got some serious talent coming in with or without DGB.