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Big XII Basketball Bullet Points

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The Big 12 basketball race is starting to take shape and the one thing that has become crystal clear is that its a three-team race. The conference boasts three Top 10 teams and after Monday night's Kansas/Baylor game you'd have to rank the Big XII with KU, Baylor, Missouri and then everyone else but what about when it comes to the Big Dance? My guess right now is that the conference is looking at 5 teams getting invites.

Team Record Bullet Point Post Season


The Jayhawks proved Monday night that the Big XII title still goes through Lawrence. NCAA Top 3 Seed


Baylor wasn't the first conference team to suffer a double-digit loss at Kansas this season and they won't be the last. This is still a very good basketball team. NCAA Top 3 Seed
Missouri 17-1 May not quite be in the same category as Kansas and Baylor but they're close. A 16-point loss at Kansas State is going to sting for quite a while. NCAA Top 5 Seed
Iowa State 12-5 Back-to-back losses to Missouri and Kansas have cooled off a hot start for the Cyclones. Wednesday night's game against OSU is crucial to the direction of the season.

NCAA 11-15 Seed

Texas 12-5 It seems like the Longhorns are still trying to find their identity. This is a team that must protect the home court because as they've already shown its going to be difficult for them to win on the road. NCAA 11-15 Seed
Oklahoma State 9-8 A 41-point loss at Baylor could have a lingering effect on this team. Unfortunately they are on the road again Wednesday night against Iowa State NIT
Kansas State 12-4 You have to think that the Wildcats are better than a 1-3 team in the Big XII Conference but their record stands on its own right now. NIT
Oklahoma 11-5 Saturday's win over Kansas State was a huge first step in conference for the Lon Kruger Era but there is still is a long way to go. NIT
Texas A&M 10-7 Let's go ahead and call it what it is. To this point the Aggies are the biggest disappointment in Big XII basketball NIT
Texas Tech 7-9 The Red Raiders are currently riding a four game losing streak. If they can't beat Oklahoma tonight then we should expect the streak to continue for a while. No