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Sooner Nation Replay: Upset Weekend, Mike Stoops vs. Brent Venables

The Oklahoma Sooners ended the week on a high note as they down one of the better conference teams in the Kansas St. Wildcats. The benching of Cameron Clark seemed to give him the motivation that he needed to be a dependable scorer. Andrew Fitzgerald and Romero Osby got any shot they wanted but what was the change that became the catalyst for such a great game? Could it be the fact that Cam Clark was benched and replaced by Carl Blair? There is just a little more to it than that. But it begs the question, coming off a stellar performance, how big are the next two games as the Baylor Bears are just around the corner?

Switching gears, there is much football talk still engulfing Norman, Oklahoma but not all of it is favorable talk. Mike Stoops has officially been hired which sparked the resignation of Willie Martinez. Most of us will agree that Mike alongside Brent Venables is the desired coaching combo specifically for the recruiting aspects each bring. Jordan gives a great overview of all the recruiting news with the recent hiring and departure. However, Venables has been confirmed as talking to recruits at Clemson. Are we reading too much into this by saying that there is a good chance he will jump ship? There are not many names being tossed around to fill the void assuming Venables does leave. As we ended the show, Venables was stepping off an airplane into a crowd of reports all asking the same question...what's the verdict?