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Reports starting to come out about Mike Stoops' impending return to Oklahoma

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Ed. Note - However many people can report whatever they want, but we (OU fans) all know nothing official is coming until some news on Willie Martinez comes out. Probably didn't need to be, but just wanted to clarify that.

In the "Me first! Me first!" media news cycle we currently live in, most "journalists" are in such a rush to be the first person to report something that they run with things before everything has been confirmed. Maybe that's what we had earlier in the week when Mr. Percentages, Dean Blevins ran a story that Mike Stoops return to the University of Oklahoma could be announced as soon as this week. And maybe that's what we have today with ESPiN's Joe Schad (who is about as reliabe a source as Blevins by the way) tweet about Mike Stoops return possibly being announced as soon as today. However, John Hoover of the Tulsa World is saying that OU does not expect to make any kind of announcement today (surely in an effort to let some kind of news on the assumed departure of Willie Martinez come out first).

Look, at this point there is no way Mike Stoops won't be on this staff next year. But Dean Blevins and Joe Schad are to of the most unreliable "sources" for information in the business, so at least for now we here at CCM are holding off on the official 'Welcome back Mike Stoops' story. KREF 1400am out of Norman was reporting (on the Teddy Lehman & Dusty Dvorcek show, which if you aren't already listening you're really missing out) that it was "official" but we've been unable to find anything to substantiate that at the time this went up.

So just in case you thought we'd fallen off our game and missed these reports when you come to your favorite OU site on the interwebs and didn't see a report, we're getting this up now to make sure you know we're aware. As soon as someone we actually trust or OU confirms the inevitable, we'll have some more official up.