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Baylor's Robert Griffin III to declare for NFL Draft

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ESPiN is reporting Sunday morning that Heisman Trophy winner and Baylor QB Robert Griffin III will forego his senior season and enter the 2012 NFL Draft.

Aside from this making OU's game next year against the Bears 1,000 times easier to win, it could also have a substantial impact on the decision of the Sooners own Landry Jones. Jones has said he intends to wait until the January 15th deadline to announce his decision, but with this news from RGIII you can almost be assured that Jones will be back in Norman for the 2012 season.

Among several factors; this decision from Griffin, Landry's falling draft stock, his pending nuptials, among other things have to be considered towards the likely outcome of Jones coming back for one more year. Obviously we'll find out for sure between now and January 15th, but for those OU fans who were so eager for Landry to leave. Prepare yourselves for disappointment.