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Friday Locks: At Least One Of Us Knows What He's Doing

The Friday locks didn't get off to a good start for Jordan and I but even worse were my selections in the pick'em contest sponsored by Sooner Legends Inn And Suites. Despite going 0-2 in Friday Locks you'll still find Jordan near the top of the pick'em standings while I'm way...way...way down near the bottom. So, in an effort to make amends and catch up with OnlyOneOU we present to you this week's Friday Locks.  

Last Week: 0-2

Season 0-2
Alabama    (-10) vs. Penn State    This goes against my rule of betting on a team with QB issues, but I figure Bama's issues will be negated by Penn State's so that makes it safe.  Even at Happy Valley, I think Bama covers easy.  TCU (-2) vs. Air Force     Back-to-back road games for TCU to open is pretty brutal, but I think they'll be mighty angry coming off that loss to Baylor and even on the road they cover this line.  They know that Air Force does, so the funky offense won't give them issues like some others (cough, OU, cough).  TCU wins by double digits.  
Last Week: 2-0  Season: 2-0
Miss St. (-6.5) vs. Auburn      Auburn showed that they had much to work on coming out of week one. They only rushed for 78 yards while allowing 227 against Utah St. With these kind of numbers it will be hard stopping a team that rushed for 300+ yards and Miss St. wins this one on the ground by at least a TD.    

Notre Dame (-3.5) vs. Michigan  


Switching quarterbacks never bodes well heading into the Big House. Not to mention it will be the first night game hosted in the Big House and the crowd will be rocking. Notre Dame is putting in a new starter at QB in Tommy Rees. If ND is the turnover machine they were in week one this game won't be close and Michigan wins going away.    

CC Machine
Last Week: 0-2 Season: 0-2
Iowa       (-6.5) vs. Iowa St.  Last year the Hawkeyes won this game 35-7. After watching ISU struggle with Northern Iowa last Saturday there's no reason to expect the result to be any different this year. Iowa wins big! Wisconsin (-20.5) vs. Oregon State Yes, I do realize that is an incredibly large line but I also realize two other things. 1) Wisconsin took their foot off the gas against UNLV in their opener last week. 2) Oregon State lost last weekend to Sacramento State. Nuf said. 

That's a few of our picks going into this weekend. If you're in the pick'em contest with us then don't forget to make your own selections. Tonight's Missouri/Arizona State is on the list so don't wait until Saturday morning. If you're coming to Norman for the Missouri game on the 24th then check out Sooner Legends Inn And Suites,

Official Pick'em Rules