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Walk-Ons Making More Than A Ripple This Season?

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After Saturday night against Tulsa and a 131 yard rushing performance, Dominique Whaley has been thrust into the spotlight and is now a household name. Whaley a walk-on himself has given rise and hope to other walk-ons around the nation. Does Oklahoma have another diamond in the rough or are they all just hopefuls living out a dream?

James Winchester walked on to OU's squad and became the deep snapper. While Winchester will most likely be remembered for three fumble recoveries (one that sealed the deal against the Texas Longhorns) he has also become a solid wide-out. He has great athleticism along with speed and a vertical jump that give him a base for being more than just a long snapper. However, up to this point, Winchester has simply not been able to crack the depth chart at WR where he would actually have the chance to play.

On Saturday night, as the game was winding down, Winchester found himself on the field lined up as a WR with a pass coming his way. With a 6'3 200lbs frame, Winchester possesses the size to be a dominant receiver. While he has yet to see significant reps, he is still competing to get into the game earlier than mop up duty. Who knows, before the end of the season we could see another walk-on scoring touchdowns!