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Bye Week Blues - Look For The Symptoms

The Sooner defense is taking a week off from punishing quarterbacks.   (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
The Sooner defense is taking a week off from punishing quarterbacks. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With arguably the biggest game on Oklahoma's schedule up next there may not be more anticipation for a Saturday night to get here than there is right now. The problem is, we have to get through this Saturday night first. Oklahoma and Florida State hook up on the 17th which means we have to get through the bye week of the 10th first. Que the frustration!

I take solace in the fact that I'm not the only person in Sooner Nation suffering from B.W.B. Syndrome AKA Bye Week Blues. The symptoms are an irresistible urge to put on your lucky Sooner apparel (even though you aren't going to Oklahoma Memorial Stadium or even going to watch Sooner football), holler "Boomer" to passers by at the mall, resaturates or where ever else you may be on Saturday and of course express anger, aggression and a deep hatred for all things orange. If you experience one or more of these symptoms then you could be suffering from B.W.B.  

While there is no known cure for B.W.B. Syndrome I have discovered a way to dull the pain and get through. Its a little known method called hope and watch. 

You hope that Javon Harris has learned to stop looking into the backfield and recognize the wheel route. You hope that when Travis Lewis is re-examined by doctors early next week then he'll be given a green light to return to action. You hope that when Josh Heupel split big Donald Stephenson out wide last Saturday night that it was just the tip of the ice burg to the creativity he'll bring to this offense. You hope that Dominique Whaley is the real deal but that there's also a bigger role for Roy Finch within the offense. You hope that the second hand on the clock moves faster so that next Saturday arrives before expected.

You watch all the football that you can. You watch the good games! You watch the Big 12 vs. the Pac 12 on Friday and Saturday night because those are going to be conference games here in the very near future. You watch Alabama/Penn State knowing that whoever loses that one makes you happy. You watch Notre Dame/Michigan and marvel at why the Irish are thought of as a football power. You watch BYU/Texas and hope that the Cougars can do the same to the Longhorns as they did the Sooners in 2009. You watch Mississippi State/Auburn and figure the Tigers won't be saved by an onside kick this week.

You watch for Sunday to arrive because that means its officially game week again! Tallahassee, here we come!