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Big 12's Week One Top Performers, Surprises And Down Right Disasters

NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 3: Dominique Whaley's four touchdown performance was one of the most surprising in the Big 12. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 3: Dominique Whaley's four touchdown performance was one of the most surprising in the Big 12. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
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With the opening week of college football in the books and the second week just a day away from kicking off let's take a look back at the best and the rest of the Big 12 through the first weekend. The good news is that the conference started the season at 10-0 although a couple of teams just pretty ugly in snatching victory from the jaws of defeat (looking at you ISU and KSU). 

Top Offenses

Team Total Points Total Yards
OSU 61 666
Baylor 50 564
Texas Tech 50 505

Texas Tech actually should be bumped from this list just because they played Texas State. Oklahoma was second in the conference in total yards 663 and took their foot off the gas long before they scored their 47th point. On a side note I think the number for OSU's total offense is very appropriate because we've suspected T. Boone Pickens to be the antichrist for year's now. 



Offensive Surprises

Team Total Points Total Yards
Kansas 42 447

Rock Chalk! So what if the opponent was just McNeese State. Anyone remember what happened to Kansas in last year's season opener?

Offensive Disasters

Team Total Points Total Yards
KSU 10 303
Missouri 17 291
ISU 20 328

Kansas State scored on a last minute touchdown to beat Eastern Kentucky, 10-7.

Missouri managed just 17 points against Miami of Ohio and Iowa State needed every bit of their 20 points to sneak past Northern Iowa, 20-19.

Top QB Performaces


Quarterback Yards Completion % TDs INTs
Robert Griffin 359 77.8% 5 0
Seth Doege 326 69.7% 3 0
Landry Jones 375 74.5% 1 0


Robert Griffin looked very much the part of a Heisman Contender last Friday night. His completion percentage is the most impressive aspect of his stats in my opinion. Hopefully he'll be backed by a defense at some point.

Again, there needs to be an asterisk by Seth Doege's performance because the competition was Texas State but it is what it is.

Landry Jones was efficient and poised in leading Oklahoma's offensive attack. 

QB Surprises

Quarterback Yards Completion % TDs INTs
Brandon Weeden 388 61.5% 3 3
James Franklin 129 65.4% 1 1


Brandon Weeden's interceptions is what put him on the surprises list. His 388 yards were the best in the Big 12 but he had to interceptions returned for TDs and a third pick to even out the TD/INT ratio.

Going into the season I had said the Missouri was a good quarterback away from being a contender for the Big 12 championship. I expected a whole lot more from James Franklin than 129 passing yards.

QB Disasters 

Quarterback Yards Completion % TDs INTs
Steele Jantz 187 45% 1 3


He may have the coolest name of any quarterback in the Big 12 but he also may have the worst aim.

Top RB Performances 

Running Back Yards Average Per Carry TDs
Dominique Whaley 130 7.2 4
Cyrus Gray 131 6.2 2
Joseph Randle 124 5.6 2

Dominique Whaley should also go into the "surprises" category after putting together one of the best performances ever by a walk on. 

Cyrus Gray ran like expected and proved why many believe he's the best running back in the Big 12. 

Oklahoma State's Joseph Randle showed the nation that the Cowboys will be just fine on the ground in 2011.

Running Back Surprises 

Running Back Yards Average Per Carry TDs
Terrance Ganaway 120 5 1

It appears that Baylor has found a more than suitable replacement for Jay Finley

Top Receiving Performances


Receiver Receptions Yards Average TDs
Darrin Moore 12 221 18.4 1
Kendall Wright 12 189 15.8 2
Ryan Broyles 14 158 11.3 1


Darrin Moore...Texas State...nuf said

Baylor looks to legitimately have one of the top offenses in the Big 12 with Kendall Wright being the third part of a three headed monster. Burn that midnight oil defensive coordinators...burn it!

Ryan Broyles did nothing to detract from his status as one of the top receivers in the nation and the greatest to ever wear the crimson and cream. 

Receiving Surprises

Receiver Receptions Yards Average TDs
Justin Blackmon 8 144 18 0
Mike Davis 3 115 38.3 0
T.J. Moe 6 56 9.3 0

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Justin Blackmon's performance. I'm just surprised/shocked he didn't get into the end zone. 

Mike Davis with a 38.3 yard receiving average! Are you kidding me? I wonder who BYU is going to be focused on this weekend. 

Just the opposite reaction for T.J. Moe. They've got to find a way to get his average in double digits. 

Top Defensive Performances

Team Points Allowed Yards Allowed
Missouri 6 270
Kansas State 7 129
Texas 9 224


With all three of these you have to consider the opponent but is what it is which is a dominating defensive performance. You can't punish these units for doing what they were supposed to do. 

Defensive Surprises

Team Points Allowed Yards Allowed
Texas Tech 10 331
Texas A&M 14 347

At first glance things don't look bad for Texas Tech until you come to the realization that they gave up 331 yards to Texas State. 

The same is true for Texas A&M. The end stats aren't that bad and the points allowed is respectable but there were some serious struggles in the secondary and SMU had a 100 yard rusher in the first quarter. 

Defensive Disasters

Team Points Allowed Yards Allowed
Baylor 48 466

They may have one of the best offenses in the conference but Baylor's defense is going to cost them some games...and soon.