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Big 12 Quoteboard: Conference Goes 10-0 On College Football's Opening Weekend

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The Labor Day holiday has pushed us back a day on our posting schedule so today, on Wednesday, we bring you Tuesday's Big 12 quoteboard. 

I found this question posed at SBN's Texas A&M site both amusing and interesting?

This is a simple poll, just vote which team had the most hideous uniforms you saw this weekend.

The candidates: - I Am The 12th Man

I voted for Maryland. 

Cowboys Ride For Free has provides a great example of why the BlogPoll has failed to get looked at with a respectful eye. 

Keep in mind, this is based purely on who beat the best opponent, and who looked the most impressive in their win.... and it is all completely subjective at this point. - Cowboys Ride For Free

They have dropped Oklahoma from #1 to #11 but if you're looking for a real credibility issue then look no further than Baylor at #2. 

Kansas had a much better season opener than in 2010. 

The Jayhawks beat McNeese State the way they're supposed to beat an FCS opponent.  At least, that's what the scoreboard says.  This game was never really in doubt, but it hardly inspired high marks across the board.  Obviously, there are plenty of high marks to go around on the offensive side of the ball, but the defense was another story.  I really do hate to pick the team apart after a win, especially with the so few to speak of in the past year, but...well, that's exactly what I'm about to do. - Rock Chalk Talk    

Why are we reading about this first on a Texas Longhorn blog rather than an A&M blog? Oh yeah, they're focused on ugly uniforms. 

Finally. After weeks of talk and speculation and the Aggies announcing the university's withdrawal from the Big 12, official word of Texas A&M's acceptance to the SEC is mere hours away, pending a Wednesday news conference to confirm the obvious after SEC presidents reportedly voted Tuesday evening to accept the Aggies into the conference, a move the conference will cast as unanimous. - Burnt Orange Nation

Our Texas Tech blog has this to say about the Red Raiders' opening game. 

THE RESULT | A TALE OF TWO HALVES | Almost everything that could go wrong or just look downright ugly in the first half did go wrong or look ugly. Texas Tech had two turnovers, a pitiful looking offense and a defense that looked like it didn't have a clue. After halftime, it felt like two different teams. I'll get more into Doege a bit later, but I forgot that the wind was blowing 25 MPH as he kept working a 20 to 30 yard window down the field to look for Moore and take advantage of that. It was really a beautiful to watch him play. I'd also add that the defense figured it out in the second half and I think that someone mentioned this in the post-game thread, which is that perhaps the silver lining, at least with the defense is that Glasgow either motivated or coached up his players to be in the right spots in the second half. - Double T Nation

It all sounds good until you realize the opponent was Texas State . 

Apparently the frustration and the number of people getting tired of the Texas pandering, bluffing and bullying has reached its way all the way to Bob Stoops, or was he just messing with Texas?

No sense in delaying it any further, I'm sure you've seen the "headline" comment so many have run with this afternoon.  Here is the full quote from Stoops so as not to take it out of context as some others have done.  "I don't think it's necessary," said Stoops of continuing the rivalry if Oklahoma and Texas take up residence in separate conferences. "I know no one wants to hear that, but life changes and you've got to change with it, to whatever degree. If it works, great. I love the game, but if it doesn't, it doesn't. Sometimes that's the way it goes."  So he's clearly not saying they don't want to play Texas, or they're going to stop playing Texas, or whatever else anyone tries to tell you might have said today.  He's simply stating the facts of the situation and the simple fact that he cannot predict the future as to where OU, or Texas for that matter, will wind up in all this conference mess. What many, who were too busy rushing off to get that headline out there, probably failed to do was read this little comment Berry Tramel got from Bob shortly after his presser.  Stoops admitted there was a decent chance there might have been a little gamesmanship in his comments.  So long story short, calm down people. - Crimson And Cream Machine

The Missouri blog also dropped Oklahoma but only two spots to #3. They also have Baylor with a more credible ranking of #24. 

BlogPoll Ballot for Week 2. No pithy statements except for this: Why did Georgia think that looking like an arena football league team was a good idea? - Rock M Nation

Interestingly enough, they placed themselves four spots higher than their previous ballot. You guys do realize that you squeaked past Miami of OHIO, right?

K-State's win on Saturday was extremely ugly but it could have been worse. 

With all applicable disclaimers about small sample sizes, that was not what we expected. K-State defeated Eastern Kentucky, 10-7, on the strength of a 33-yard touchdown pass from Collin Klein to Chris Harper with a mere 1:39 remaining. The yardage gained on that play represented a solid 10 percent of K-State's total offensive output for the game.

For a fanbase that got so much mileage out of "North Dakota State" last year -- and rightfully so -- this had to be an uncomfortable game. K-State never was able to have its way with the Colonels, and after a dreadful Bryce Brown fumble late in the third quarter, the Wildcats were in real danger of losing to an FCS team. Fortunately, EKU was not able to mount a scoring drive of longer than one yard, ensuring that K-State's offense would have an opportunity to steal the win, which it eventually did. - Bring On The Cats