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Bob Stoops' Weekly Presser - OU/TX not necessary?

Sorry this is getting up later than normal.  I couldn't get away this afternoon to put together a recap of Stoops' comments and from the look of things it would seem many of you have already heard/read most of this.  So I'll try and keep this brief so as not to waste anyone's time.

As always, you can watch Bob's weekly presser here at SoonerSports, but here is the cliff notes version.

  • Stoops opened things up appropriately by giving his condolences to the Selmon family after the loss of the Sooner great over the holiday weekend.  First class as usual.
  • Stoops then went on to talk about how happy he was with their play in the Tulsa game.  Mentioned a stat most of you were probably aware of, but more than impressive enough to warrant mentioning again.  OU had 100 plays from scrimmage and not a single offensive penalty.
  • No sense in delaying it any further, I'm sure you've seen the "headline" comment so many have run with this afternoon.  Here is the full quote from Stoops so as not to take it out of context as some others have done.  "I don't think it's necessary," said Stoops of continuing the rivalry if Oklahoma and Texas take up residence in separate conferences. "I know no one wants to hear that, but life changes and you've got to change with it, to whatever degree. If it works, great. I love the game, but if it doesn't, it doesn't. Sometimes that's the way it goes."  So he's clearly not saying they don't want to play Texas, or they're going to stop playing Texas, or whatever else anyone tries to tell you might have said today.  He's simply stating the facts of the situation and the simple fact that he cannot predict the future as to where OU, or Texas for that matter, will wind up in all this conference mess. What many, who were too busy rushing off to get that headline out there, probably failed to do was read this little comment Berry Tramel got from Bob shortly after his presser.  Stoops admitted there was a decent chance there might have been a little gamesmanship in his comments.  So long story short, calm down people.
  • Stoops was very complimentary of G.J. Kinne when talking about OU's pass rush and how he was able to escape their pressure several times.  Said he felt better about their pass rush after having watched film than he did after the game.
  • Stoops was asked if playing in a conference without multiple Texas teams would hurt them in recruiting since it's been such a great resource for them.  He said it might a little bit, but overall he didn't think it would make a drastic impact.
  • He was asked specifically how close he was to playing RB Brandon Williams Saturday night. Expectedly, he didn't really answer the question directly instead just kind of talking in generalities about how it's something they'll continue to look at as the season goes on.
  • He was also asked if Tony Jefferson will continue to play the 'Roy-back' position even after Travis Lewis returns and much like with the Williams question, he didn't really answer it.  First he said probably, then hedged a bit and said "We'll see."  So, yeah.  Not really helpful.
  • Bob drew several laughs with his little zinger when asked about whether or not he'd be traveling up to Stillwater to see his brother Mike and Arizona take on the Pokes Thursday night.  He quote was "No, I only go to Stillwater when I have to."  Zing!