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OU running back Jonathan Miller to transfer

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It was probably inevitable, given the talent log jam OU has at running back, but still disappointing announcement today from Coach Stoops that RB Jonathan Miller will be transferring.  Injuries, not a lack of talent, were unfortunately his downfall and caused him to slip on the depth chart on multiple occasions.  The most recent a concussion suffered in summer practices which came after several reports of how well he was playing after knee surgery the previous year.

Obviously he didn't get in until very late Saturday night against Tulsa and evidently read that to be where he stood in the coaches eyes.  It is believed that Miller intends to transfer to a smaller school in Arizona, which is where he is from, to be closer to his family.

Best of luck to you Jonathan!  Sorry things didn't work out for you at OU, but we'll all still be rooting for you wherever you choose to go.