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Oklahoma LB Travis Lewis Injury Update

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Travis Lewis, the undeniable leader of this Oklahoma Defense, suffered an injury in the off-season that put him out with a blanket statement of 6-8 weeks (I say blanket statement because any time a player is injured the first report comes back as "out 6-8 weeks" it would seem). Lewis suffered a broken bone in his toe. However, he went on record as saying that he would be back in time for the Florida State game. While this is possible, it seemed like a long shot. Assuming it was a possibility there was still the thought that Lewis wouldn't be able to go 100% and would share a majority of the snaps with Corey Nelson at LB.

Yesterday, Bob Stoops announced that Lewis was progressing very well and has had the cast taken off. In place of the cast, Lewis will be wearing a boot. While it would appear that much recovery has taken place, it is not for sure that Lewis will be healthy enough to start or even play at Doak Campbell. At this point all we as fans can do is wait to see if Lewis is cleared to play next week sometime. In the mean time, it looks as though Nelson is going to get his second career start and will have to play solid if not spectacularly against a top 10 foe.