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Week Two BlogPoll Ballot: Pretty Much Everyone Is On The Move

The problem with pre-season polls is that we really just don't know what the product on the field is actually going to be. We have an idea and sometimes we're in the ballpark (Oklahoma/Alabama), sometimes we've over-ranked a team (South Carolina/Missouri), sometimes we've not given a team enough credit (Nebraska/Virginia Tech) and sometimes we totally went the wrong direction (TCU).

Team Last Week's Ranking This Week's Ranking Comments
Oklahoma #1 #1 Still a little work to do in the secondary
Alabama #2 #2 Four fumbles! I bet we're working on ball security this week.
LSU #4 #3 Defense needs to carry the offense until things get worked out.
Florida State #5 #4 Dominating defensive performance. 
Stanford #6 #5 Best performance by a Pac-12 team.
Nebraska #8 #6 T. Martinez 116 yards passing/113 rushing
Boise State #9 #7 One game season for Boise. Its all down hill from here
Oregon #4 #8 Couldn't capitalize on golden opportunity
Wisconsin #11 #9 500 offensive yards
Virginia Tech #11 #10 Offense and special teams looked good. Defense wasn't tested. 

Inconsistency caused Oklahoma State to drop and poor defense got Texas A&M. South Carolina, Missouri and USC all drop for overall bad performances. Penn State, Mississippi State, Houston and South Florida are all new on the ballot this week while TCU, Auburn, Notre Dame and Tulsa are all dropped completely off.