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Sooner Nation Replay: Constant Shifting Of The Realignment Landscape & Discussing Ball State With Alan Rucker

The realignment landscape is at an ever changing rate at this point. What is speculation is inseparable from what is fact, but one thing remains...we know next to nothing while a big story is in the making. What is going to happen to not on the future of the Big XII but also to the future of the Big East? A Merger? Maybe, but again who can be certain? Thinking merger, what does each candidate bring to table? We discuss the pros and the cons. While realignment talks continue to dominate football there are some bigger things at hand. The Oklahoma Sooners play Ball State this week at a much needed time with Ben Habern out. Brandon Williams has yet to get into a game as one of the most anticipated RB's in Oklahoma history. Do we see him take a few snaps or will he redshirt?