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Tulsa Golden Hurricane At #1 Oklahoma Football Game Thread


Game Information
Date Saturday, Sept. 3
Time 7 p.m. (CT)
Location Norman, Okla.
Television FX
Radio Sirius Satellite 92, Sooner Radio Network

Coming to you LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE from Norman, Oklahoma! OU Sooners football is finally back! So if football is back, that must mean our legendary live game threads are back as well. As always, the more the merrier so jump on in here and join the party. This is your OU vs. TU live game thread and we want quad digits on every game thread this year. Failure is not an option so we need your help to get there!



I'm sure you also noticed the picture of Austin Box up above. I thought it would be cool for us here at CCM to pay tribute to Austin as well just like the team will do all year. And while getting to wear his #12 is much, much cooler than anything we could ever do, we'd like to try and play our part in at least some small way. So every week the game thread will be accompanied by a different picture of Box in our own little way to honor his memory and preserve his place in Sooner Nation.