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OU vs. Ball State - Injury Report

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Coming into the game Saturday night, both teams are dealing with their fair share of injuries.  For a massive underdog like Ball State, they can ill afford to be without any of their key guys.  For a near six touchdown favorite like Oklahoma, it's a chance to let some guys work their way back, hold out any guys who might need a rest, and hopefully come out of the game without any additional injuries.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves, here is a quick rundown of the injuries both teams will be dealing with Saturday night.


I'm hoping that nobody needs a reminder about Ben Habern's injury.  Also that Trey Franks is still suspended.

Daryl Williams - Was expected to play last week against Missouri, but never played a snap.  He returned to his starter position at right tackle on this week's depth chart, so expect to see him out there with the first unit.

Jarvis Jones- Jones actually did play against Mizzou, albeit briefly and at guard actually not his usual tackle spot.  The coaches have said they'll continue to work him in as he gets more and more confident in that surgically repaired knee.

Kenny Stills - After missing last week with a concussion, he is expected to play and start Saturday night.  I'd expect him to have a big game, or at least "big" for how long I expect them to leave him out there (translation = not long), as Ball State will probably sell out to stop #85.

Aaron Colvin- What looked to be a pretty scary moment for him last week, when he knocked himself out trying to lay a hit on the Mizzou TE.  He's reportedly participated fully in practice this week, but much like we didn't know at the time this will come down to how he responds Thur/Fri to the doctor's tests.

Travis Lewis - Still dealing with that broken bone in his toe, he'll start but I'd be stunned if the coaches didn't get him out of there as soon as possible.

Jimmy Stevens- Apparently dealing with a quad injury and not just having lost his job, I doubt we'll know anything on this one until they line up to kick a PAT or FG.


I'll be perfectly honest, I know very little about the guys I'm about to list.  Other than the fact I'm reading they are all starters, I couldn't really tell you if missing the game is devastating or will have little impact.  Please accept my uneducated apology.

Austin Holtz- A starting tackle for the Cardinals dealing with a knee injury, Holtz isn't expected to play outside of an emergency situation.  Not sure if there is any relation, but if he does play our d-lineman better have their spit guards on.

Jason Pinkston - A corner back who has not practiced and is believed to be doubtful.

Jeff Garrett- Another corner back, dealing with a thigh bruise.  Hard to believe that would keep him out of a game.  Even harder to believe they can stay with our WRs, but minus their two starting CBs?  Wow, that would not be good (for them anyway).

Kreg Hunter - Another team with center issues.  Hunter missed most of the second half last week with a leg injury.

Travis Freeman- Their MLB has been in a walking boot all week, but evidently that's the norm and they anticipate he'll play.

Josh Howard - A free safety dealing with a shoulder injury who is also expected to play.