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Big 12 Quoteboard: Conference Play Has Started

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The conference season is officially under way and there couldn't have been a better start than the epic meltdown that took place in College Station. Talk about a tale of two halves, I realize the Aggies are leaving for the SEC and all but is part of their protest going to be to only play two quarters in each of their conference games? Mad props to the Cowboys for winning in a tough environment but does anyone really think it earned a #2 ranking for OSU?

I still don't get all the logic behind the "resume ranking" done by some of our BlogPoll voters but hey to each their own right. SBN's Oklahoma State blog tries to explain but I say that any system that would currently have Oklahoma State #2, Baylor #7, Iowa State #8, and Texas #9 is pretty flawed. 

The CRFF BlogPoll Methodology
There are a few steps we go through to break the teams into different tiers, then rank them within their tier.

Step 1: We rank all the teams from BCS-AQ conferences in order of record.  All undefeated teams go to the top, then the one loss teams, then the two loss teams, then... you know how counting works. So at no point - EVER - will any team be ranked above a team that has a better overall record.

Step 2: Non BCS-AQ teams can be dropped into each tier at CRFF's discretion. If we think Boise State is good enough to be in the undefeated tier with the BCS schools, they go in, if we deem then not good enough, they are out of the poll completely.

Step 3: We rank within the record tiers. This is where it gets subjective, although we try to standardize it a little. The ranking within the record tiers is based purely on resume. Whichever team has got to this record tier by beating the best opponents will be the first seed in this tier.  Of course, the "who they beat" part is pretty subjective, but at some point you have to rank based on what we watch each week right? - Cowboys Ride For Free

The Iowa State Cyclones have surprised just about everyone with their 3-0 start but even at that the Cylones have struggled heavily in the first quarter of their games. Clone Chronicles has come up with their own solution to ISU's first quarter struggles. 

Although Iowa State is currently undefeated, to say the Cyclones have struggled mightily in the first quarter of every game this year would be an understatement. In fact, ISU has yet to score a point in the first quarter of any game, and QB Steele Jantz is 6-14 for 44 yards and five interceptions.

To combat this, Iowa State will try the unconventional strategy of starting the remainder of their games this year in the second quarter. Instead of struggling through the first quarter and risking injury or a potential pick-six on an inevitable Jantz interception, ISU will instead play only 45 minutes of football starting in the second quarter.

"We're also planning on spotting the other team ten points," said head coach Paul Rhoads in an official statement. "At this point it just seems like the best thing to do. We're trying to put the most entertaining team on the field for our fans, and we've received a great response after our three comeback wins so far." - Clone Chronicles 

Once again we're big fans of the Big 12 Power Rankings done by SBN's Kansas site. 

1. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 38-28 win over Mizzou

Previous Ranking NC

Oklahoma trailed early before pulling away from the Tigers in the second half.  It was a solid win for the Sooners especially coming off of an emotional road win in Tallahassee.  This team has been tested early but there will be more on the road to the Big 12 title. - Rock Chalk Talk

Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from Red Raider fans. No, I can't believe I just said that. However, after squeaking out a one point victory over Nevada there was some actual joy that Texas Tech had won. 

THE RESULT | ALWAYS CELEBRATE A WIN | Maybe I'm too optimistic and too nice and have this internal need find happiness in the thing that makes me happy, but it's always been my philosophy to be happy with a win. Being at the game I was nervous as all heck and as my friends were high-fiving, I'm nursing my second half pull of Red Man and hoping for a win. As QB Seth Doege found WR Eric Ward in the endzone, I had a huge sigh of relief, and I knew that I was going to face when I was able to get back to a computer and log onto DTN. There would be people that would be upset and there would people that would say that celebrating a win against a WAC team isn't enough. Life and football aren't always perfect, but when something good happens, I'm going to celebrate. Will I celebrate like winning the national championship? No, but I've been a part of too many bad losses to take any win for granted. - Double T Nation

Its a good thing that Oklahoma is playing Ball State this week before they head to Dallas to take on the Longhorns the following week. After seeing Gabe Lynn Oklahoma's secondary get abused by Missouri's receivers, its evident that there's still plenty of work to be done. 

* 14:55 3rd Qtr - Mizzou gets the ball to start the second half and Gabe Lynn makes another appearance on the lowlight reel.  Matched up on Moe again in the slot, he overplays him to the outside and Moe easily recognizes it and cuts to the inside for one of the easiest 21-yard gains you'll ever see. - Crimson And Cream Machine

Oklahoma survived Missouri Saturday night when the Tigers failed to score on nine consecutive offensive possessions after taking a 14-3 lead. 

Mizzou Offense
First three drives: 13 plays, 146 yards (11.2), 14 points
Next nine drives: 47 plays, 206 yards (4.4), 0 points
Final two drives: 17 plays, 162 yards (9.5), 14 points

Even in the moment, we knew after Mizzou exploded for two early touchdowns, Oklahoma was going to adjust. Mizzou was going to have to adjust to the adjustments ... and they really did not. The Sooners over-compensated for Henry Josey on zone reads, and they were fast enough to corral James Franklin after decent but less than explosive gains. Meanwhile, Franklin looked mostly toward his seniors to get Mizzou through a rough patch ... and they mostly failed.

Here are Franklin's passing stats for those nine middle drives: 4-for-19, 84 yards. Here is the target data:
* Passes to Jerrell Jackson: 1-for-5, 25 yards
* Passes to Wes Kemp: 1-for-5, 22 yards
* Passes to T.J. Moe: 2-for-4, 37 yards
* Passes to Michael Egnew: 0-for-1
* Passes to Marcus Lucas: 0-for-1
* Throwaways: 0-for-3

Passes to Jackson, Kemp and Egnew went 2-for-11 for 47 yards during Mizzou's drought. I do love how many sophomores are coming through for the Tigers -- Franklin, Henry Josey, Washington, Lucas (well, he did two games ago, anyway), Andrew WilsonE.J. Gaines, etc. -- but if Mizzou is going to reach their ceiling over the last eight games, whatever that may be, seniors are going to have to follow Luke Lambert's lead and raise their game. - Rock M Nation

The two biggest surprises in the Big 12 so far has to be Iowa State and Kansas State. The Wildcats are coming off a road upset of the Miami Hurricanes

K-State's defense may not have played to its top-ranked reputation, but it did enough and came through when it counted to preserve a 28-24 victory for the Wildcats.

Behind a punishing running attack and a breakout performance from the newly anointed Honey Badger -- quarterback Collin Klein -- K-State rolled up 398 total yards against  Miami defense that allowed only 209 yards to Ohio State the week before. But in the end it was the defense that stepped up and atoned for allowing a couple big plays in the second half to stop the Hurricanes on fourth and goal at the two yard line with less than a minute remaining. - Bring On The Cats