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Week Four Pick'em Contest Top Ten: We Award Our First Monthly Prize


We've made it through our first month of the college football season and OK-SPIRO-BOOMER sits atop the leader board of our pick'em contest, sponsored by Sooner Legends Inn And Suites. With a 48-31 record through the month of September he edged out The Broylers by three games for the best record for the month earning our first monthly prize, a free appetizer from the award winning Sooner Legends BBQ restaurant. 


With two month still left in the contest its important to note that there are only 10 points that separate first from twenty-fifth place. With two more monthly prizes and the grand prize left there's still plenty to play for. Congrats OK-SPIRO-BOOMER! 

Pick'em Contest Top 10

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 OK-SPIRO-BOOMER 48 48-31
2 The Broylers 45 45-34
3 Sooner Ron 44 44-35
4 Bubba Boomer 44 44-35
5 soonercrze 44 44-35
6 Chaos N Suh 44 44-35
7 HeathC 43 43-36
8 jtesooner 43 43-36
9 soonermagic/pitbull17 42 42-37
10 quidveritas 41 41-38