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Week Five BlogPoll Ballot: This Is What I Get For Sticking With Florida State

Last week after Florida State lost a 10-point decision at home to the top ranked Oklahoma Sooners I made a decision to maintain them as a Top 10 team and only dropped them one spot to #5. My gut told me not to do something so foolish because there was a good chance that EJ Manuel wouldn't play. Some of our site readers told me that I was crazy and that I should drop the Noles. Did I listen? Nope! Watching them play against Oklahoma made a believer out of me and FSU go be back for their loss to my Sooners by throwing egg all over my face this week. 

Therefore this week FSU takes a huge plunge this week on my ballot. Oh yeah...I dropped the Sooners this week as well. 

Team Last Week's Ranking This Week's Ranking Comments
Alabama #2 #1 Put Arkansas to bed early
LSU #3 #2 Forced West Virginia to turn the ball over four times
Oklahoma #1 #3 Played lethargic against Missouri
Stanford #4 #4 IDLE
Nebraska #6 #5 Not completely sold on their offense yet
Boise State #7 #6 Moved them up but they should have beaten Tulsa by more than 20
Wisconsin #9 #7 Huge game this week against Nebraska
Oregon #8 #8 Looked as explosive as ever against Arizona
Oklahoma St. #10 #9 Bad first half against A&M...Great second half


#12 #10 Contender or pretender? This week against Bama will tell the story. 

Outside of Florida State and Oklahoma I also have Texas A&M, Arkansas, West Virginia, Missouri and Illinois are dropping on my ballot. There are fifteen teams moving up on the ballot this week with Clemson and Georgia Tech each moving up five spots. Baylor finally warms my heart enough to earn a spot on the ballot and USC was dropped. 

View my complete ballot after the jump.