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OU confirms Ben Habern's broken bone in forearm

Coach Bob Stoops released a statement Sunday afternoon confirming the reported injury to Ben Habern in last night's game against Missouri.  Habern left the game with what was believed to be a broken bone in his forearm and x-rays today confirmed it.  

It is believed that the injury will keep him out for 6-8 weeks, which would mean best case a return against Texas A&M or worst case a return against Iowa State or later.  There have also been some reports that he could possibly return in 4-6 weeks and play guard instead of center since the break is in his right arm and would prevent him from being able to snap the ball (kind of important part of being a center).  

Needless to say, this is not good friends.  Habern is our best offensive lineman and makes all the calls along the line.  It looked like they were finally starting to gel as a unit and just about to get expected starter Jarvis Jones back as well. Now they (and we) are without their leader and have to deal with an incredibly devastating loss for the o-line.